A fresh start

I’m switching to WordPress as the new home for thoughts on personal finance and nearly anything that affects it.

Why “personal finance”? There are countless books, sites, bloggers, magazines, gurus, and services that drive home the point better than I could. Many have credentials that would put me to shame. I am not special – just a guy with an interest in expressing a point of view about a topic of signficance in our world.

Personal finance is more than dollars and cents. It’s about how decisions affect each of us and shape the future. I did learn a lot from reading books from the “best” in the industry but the “one size fits all” is simply a starting point. As with most sites, I will write about the journey – in much the same way as Laurence Sterne did in A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy – observing then trying to make sense of it all.


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